Spring is Chicken Season!

First Chicks Arrive March 7, 2024

Every Spring, along with the warmer weather, comes what we call Chicken Season.� We are proud to offer a huge variety of poultry.

To see which breeds will be arriving when click here.


We do encourage you to sign up early to reserve your chicks. Chick Sales continue to be strong, and with the increase in egg prices we anticipate a busy year. Our Egg Layers are ordered as "Female Only" and several of our options are sex link breeds to minimize the chances of getting a rooster.


We have a huge selection of all the feeds and supplies you need to raise your new chicks from the first day you bring them home. Organic, Natural, and Basic Feeds are available. Bedding, Supplements and even Toys for your new friends.


Don�t forget our Egg Carton Exchange Program with ALL proceeds going to local Food Pantries!!


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